5 Ways AI improves cyberattacks detection and response


Sifts through the noise better than humans

Machine Learning AI capability recognizes patterns than the normal human mind cannot decipher.  Even if a human can sift through the noise, AI can do it at lightning speed before the attack has time to take hold.


Automatic analysis never fatigues and doesn't go on vacation

AI runs 24/7 constantly analyzing.  Humans eventually get tired resulting in missing key aspects of recognizing an attack.  Most attacks occur at times when resources are limited.  Don't wait for your cybersecurity expert to go on vacation!


Humans tend to think of attacks as a single instance

AI detects commonalities across incidents.  Attacks can be low and slow occurring over many months.  The average mind has difficulty piecing the puzzle together over this time period. AI never forgets and has the processing power to connect dots.


Make a data-driven decisions instead of relying on gut feeling

AI reads both unstructured and structured data way better than any human can read.  AI reads consistently and provides deeper investigation every time.  AI empowers your analysts to make a data-driven decision instead of relying on their gut feeling.


AI is capable of autonomous response

Once AI analyzes the highly probable attack threats, AI is capable of taking autonomous action to stop the attack way before a human would even recognize it.  The automated action gives your security team time to catch up.